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Your week charter is coming to a close and you have returned with your charter boat to one of Trogir’s marinas, whether it be the ACI marina or Marina Trogir, located on the island of Čiovo, or Marina Baotič in Seget Donji. While the last night of your charter is often a mad scramble to pack and get everything organised to get off the boat the next day, it is also the best opportunity to discover the charms of fine Dalmatian cuisine in Trogir.

Since ancient times, Trogir’s people have prepared and served food according to the culinary traditions lovingly passed down from the generations before them. These dishes with potent flavours and scents, prepared according to time-tested recipes, have now moved from private kitchens to nearby restaurants. It is precisely this combination of tradition, individual creativity and spontaneity that creates the magic of taste on the plate, caringly nurtured by the gastronomic masters of Trogir.

Discover the charms of fine Dalmatian cuisine in one of the many restaurants located in Trogir’s stone streets or on the banks of the city, where the intoxicating aromas and scented morsels await to capture all of your senses. The town is more beautiful than ever, and with a reduced number of people, you will feel safe and enjoy its atmosphere more intimately.

From fine dining restaurants to traditional taverns, or how we say in Croatian “konoba,” most of the restaurants in Trogir offer Mediterranean food as well as some more international dishes. Each place has its own specialties that enrich the overall gastronomic scene of Trogir area. And, if you are arriving during the peak of the summer season, restaurants in the marina or in the vicinity of the marina are often booked out, busy and overwhelmed. We highly recommend pre-booking a place to have dinner (and transport to get you to and from dinner if you need it) as one way to make that last night of your sailing holiday a memorable one, in a good way.

 Here are our top five suggestions of where to eat in the area of Trogir old town:

Restaurant and Bar Calebotta

Named for the merchant and visionary Frane Calebotta, this wonderful restaurant is hidden right in from of your eyes in the middle of the old town.

Divided into three areas; sit inside and enjoy the air-conditioned sleek interior the interior where you will enjoy views of the wine shop, or enjoy the breeze in the generous courtyard within a romantic garden area surrounded by ancient architecture and Mediterranean scents and then you have the front terrace where you can sit, watch and feel all the energy of the city of Trogir passing by.

Carefully selected local ingredients provide the basis of their dishes. Impeccable techniques and flavours provide the wow factor. Restaurant & Bar Calebotta serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. This place provides top notch service and is a great choice for an amazing dining experience when you are in Trogir.

Restaurant Capo

Set in the walls of an ancient ruined house in the middle of picturesque Trogir old town, this charming family restaurant has quirky attitude in spades. With authentic, simple dishes, quality Croatian wines and a real rustic, family air, this restaurant offers a glimpse into the warmth of Croatian hospitality.

You have a selection of settings to enjoy. Restaurant Capo has a unique Dalmatian atmosphere. Enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and sails and experience the charm of the waterfront at Pizzeria Capo.  Or as part of the Restaurant Capo indulge at the Wine & Dine Bar Capo where more than 30 kinds of wines and champagnes are served by the glass.

Overall, Restaurant Capo provides visitors space to relax on their final night in charter.

Restoran Barba

The only restaurant on our list that is open all year ’round and the only one that is not located IN the old town. In fact, technically it’s not in Trogir at all! It is actually in Seget Donji, a 15 minute walk from the Trogir fresh markets. And it is worth the walk, I promise! With fresh, simple and local ingredients, this is the place that local go for dinners out. Regularly. So making a booking here is a MUST!


Located on the edge of the old town, this modern take on local ingredients is a breath of fresh air.

With an emphasis on fresh, high quality ingredients prepared simply, this fresh simplicity is also reflected in the decor and ambiance.

Hot Tip: The Cannoli Ricotta & Pistaccio is very much recommended for the perfect way to end a lovely dinner.

Kavana Đovani

Ok, so you’re probably not going to come here for dinner. AND if you have a sweet tooth and want to have an after dinner treat and coffee, then this is the place you need to be. Not only do they have a great range of cakes, an impressive selection of ice creams and  espresso for all, they also hand make and sell traditional ‘rafioli’.  This is a traditional Dalmatian specialty, a sweet pastry filled with an orange and lemon peel seasoned stuffing along with cinnamon, nutmeg, maraschino and rum added to taste. A local delicacy!

If you’re looking to spend your final evening in other marinas, watch this space. We will be covering more great places to dine on your final night of charter.

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