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You know you want to take your sailing to the next level and purchase a yacht. You also realise you may not be an expert when it comes to yacht purchases. You aren’t alone.

Purchasing a yacht is a huge investment in both time and money.  Add to that the prolonged COVID crisis, and it is inevitable that more and more yachts are being put up for sale. Along with this, people looking to buy boats during this time is also on the increase. Then with all the travel restrictions around right now, it’s making it super hard for these two parties to make connections to both buy and sell!

So here’s where Nick can step in and help you.

Having chartered yachts here in Croatia now for over 4 years, he has a great vantage point. Not being an agent means he provides completely unbiased information. He offers advice every step of the way, putting your interests first, approaching each situation with honesty and integrity.

With Nick, buying a yacht doesn’t have to be intimidating, it’s as it should be, fun, exciting and totally rewarding as you step on to your new adventure. And right now is the perfect time to buy. So how do you go about it? Here’s the starting point!

Find The Boat

Choosing the perfect boat for you can be a challenge, with so many boats on offer, especially here in Croatia. That’s where Nick comes in. You provide Nick with a summary of what you are looking at and the boats you have researched. He will initially work through your list, ask questions to confirm your choices and provide you with his unbiased advice based on his over 20years experience. Narrow your search down to 5-6 boats, then the next step is an inspection.

Inspect Your Top 5

With COVID travelling to Croatia to inspect a yacht is a challenge in itself, so this is where Nick’s services truly stand out.  Not being a broker, Nick is an impartial intermediary for your initial search. Not just an expert in buying boats, he has had sailing experience in a wide range of yachts for a wide range of purposes, he also has contacts within the industry and can find out more than meets the eye with information from locals, usually inaccessible. He knows how Croatians manage the buy and sell process, saving you a whole lot of time and frustration.


Video Viewings

Each boat viewing is videoed as Nick walks you through both the inside and outside, highlighting the flaws and strengths, those obvious and not so obvious, depending on your requirements. A short sea trial can be arranged if you require it. Avoid making a bad investment based on wrong information. Nick strives to ensure peace of mind that all of your boating requirements are met. On line he will discuss the possible merits and challenges associated with each yacht viewed. Remember though, offering you a reputable service, assisting you with your decisions surrounding a yacht purchase, at no time does he profess to be a professional surveyor or broker.


Negotiations Begin

The, once you find the yacht that suits you, Nick will hand you over to a trusted broker to negotiate the price, terms of payment and delivery. They will check the ownership situation and titles to make sure there are no encumbrances, prepare the purchase and sale contract with all details of the transaction including the inventory list. If you wish, you can at this point invite a surveyor to perform a survey, at your cost and agree on the contract subject to that survey.

His deep knowledge of sailing is particularly beneficial to those seeking a stress-free experience when buying their dream yacht. In laying the groundwork for creating a successful sailing company in Croatia, Nick has spent a significant amount of time building lasting relationships with those in the yachting industry. Having enjoyed sailing on a range of yachts, different sizes, for different purposes, this gives Nick a wider range of knowledge and respect for a greater range of boats.

Nick believes the yachting lifestyle is an unforgettable way to spend time with those close to you. Whether it is family or friends, being on the water always provides a memorable experience. So are you ready to take the leap.

Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or by email and we will set you up for a free, no obligation chat with Nick to see exactly how he can help you follow your sailing dreams.

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