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We often get asked questions about the currency here in Croatia, how much things like food and drinks cost, and how much cash to carry around at any given time. All very valid questions! Especially when you are all set to sail the Croatian islands, as ATM’s are not necessarily available at all of the villages and even if they are, with the influx of summer tourists, ATM’s are often emptied out very quickly.

Having some knowledge about the currency and money situation before you hit the ground in a new country can help you to be prepared and know in a general sense what to expect.



In our opinion, Croatia is like many places, things can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be! Where Croatia differs to many other countries we have travelled to, is that there is a wide range of domestic products available that are often better quality and cheaper than what can be found in the supermarket or on the main thoroughfare. This goes for things like wine, olive oil, fruit, vegetables, and even goes for lunches and dinner. The general rule is the more mainstream it looks to you as a foreigner, the more expensive it is likely to be! Wandering off the beaten path is always recommended, asking your driver where he recommends for dinner is smart thinking and not being afraid to get a little lost often results in discovering hidden treasure down back alleys. Check out the tabs below to get a more specific idea of what common things cost.

The price of food can vary from a cheap and cheerful local čevapi burger to take away for about 40 kuna, to a sit down local meal at a konoba that can range from 70 kuna for a pasta, up to 100 kuna for a pizza and over 100 kuna for specialty meals like steak and seafood. OR you can dine out at a higher end restaurant for around 250 kuna (or more!) per person.

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