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'Sharpen Up' Flotilla Info PDF

A Sharpen Up Flotilla week serves as a stepping stone for participants who are interested in bareboat chartering on their own in the future, allowing them to build their sailing skills and confidence while still having the support of an experienced skipper and support crew. Learn more here. (Click through for May and October downloads)

'Sharpen Up' Flotilla Info

Yacht Charter Guide

Our 45D Yacht Charter Guide is packed full of information on the pros and cons of catamarans and monohulls, costs and factors affecting price, eligibility to charter, hiring a skipper/hostess, damage responsibility, mooring options, and restrictions in national parks. Download your free guide here.

Yacht Charter Guide

Bareboat Assist Info PDF

Bareboat Assist offers a service to enhance your bareboat charter experience. With 24/7 phone support and daily check-ins, Bareboat Assist ensures peace of mind while on the water. Download to learn more about Bareboat Assist and how to upgrade your bareboat charter.

Bareboat Assist Info

Itinerary Planning Service

Our 45D itinerary planning service tailors your route based on your interests and preferences, ensuring a unique and personalised sailing experience. On a discovery call together we plan a route that maximises your time on the water and minimises downtime, making your bareboat charter more efficient and enjoyable. Learn more here.

Itinerary Planning Service Info

45D WEEKLY Live 'Hidden Costs' Reference 1 PDF

Download this reference material to follow our 45D Weekly Live ‘Hidden Costs’ when chartering in Croatia. Watch the video on YouTube here

Hidden Costs Reference DL

Yacht Charter Checklist

A week’s charter has the potential to be more stressful than a week at work. Be prepared and get it right and it needn’t be! This checklist is to help you get it right from the beginning.

Yacht Charter Checklist