Located in the Channel of Ston, the small village of Kobaš is about 2.5 miles from the Vratnik Passage on the mainland of Croatia. You won’t see any modern marina’s or big impressive waterfronts here. Just traditional konoba-style restaurants with sailing yachts moored stern-to on wooden, likely handmade docks.

“Ribarska Kuca” (literally meaning “fishing house”) is affectionately known as Konoba Nikodue to the wrm welcome that you receive from Niko, his brother Ante and their whole family. From fresh-as-it-gets seafood pulled out of the sea by Niko and Ante themselves, to peka bread cooked on the fire by Ante and his wife doused in local oplive oil pressed from their own olives, this dinner ashore will remain etched in your memory for it’s unpretentious warmth and simplicity. 

Be sure to ask Ante about the preserved traditional olive press next door. It’s an experience all of its’ own!

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