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digital nomad sailing Croatia

Here at 45 Degrees Sailing,  we are constantly making changes and swaps with items/products we use on the boat or actions that we can take to be more eco-friendly. We love the Adriatic Sea and we want to ensure that she is still as sparkling and breathtaking as she was the first day we set sail on her. That is why we are sharing with you seven swaps that we have made to keep the Adriatic clean, clear and beautiful.

Swapping plastic wrap for homemade beeswax wraps

Plastic wrap is sooooooooo bad for the environment. And what is even more eco-friendly about the beeswax wraps that we use instead of plastic wrap, is that they are home-made from beeswax sourced right here in Croatia. The fabric used to make the wraps is up-cycled, meaning it was fabric that was not being used any longer. We repurposed it, making it useful again and giving it a new lease on life as a beeswax wrap!

Swapping single-use plastic bags for reusable shopping bags

Whether it is the large provisioning that we do at the beginning of every sailing holiday week, or the smaller daily top-ups that we do on each island port, we have reusable bags for every purpose! We have large reusable bags made from canvas that carry a lot of groceries for the big provisioning needs. And we also have fabric bags sourced from local businesses and not-for-profit organisations that are great to carry a couple of loaves of bread, some figs and a bottle of local olive oil. We also have mesh bags that are purpose made for vegetables and fruit which come in handy for storing fruit in on the boat!

 Did you know that you can buy your very own 45 Degrees Sailing reusable bag?!?!?! Designed by yours truly, you can ensure that you have an environmentally friendly souvenir of your trip with us! Check out our webstore to see what other 45D swag we have on offer.

Swapping harmful cleaning products for home-made products or trusted eco-friendly cleaning brands

Some of the cleaning products we use on the boat are home-made, tried and true recipes that contain natural ingredients like lemons, limes, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Where the job requires something stronger and more commercial, especially in these COVID times where anti-bacterial and disinfectants are so important, we turn to trusted cruelty-free brands that we know will get the job done, keep the boat spotlessly clean and ensure no nasty chemicals run off into the sea.

We love to use Biobaza Multi-Use Disinfectant  or Pero Hand and Surface Disinfectant Spray  for surface cleaning all of the common areas on the boat.

Swapping harmful stringent hand-soaps for eco-friendly hand-soaps from trusted brands

COVID has certainly reiterated to all of us just how important regular hand-washing is. And when you are on the boat, hand-washing means that a lot of hand-soap is used and the run off goes straight into the sea! Choosing a crualty-free and eco-friendly option is something we have put a fair amount of thought and effort into. We want to ensure that not only will these hand-soaps take care of the Adriatic, but also take care of your hands. So we have tested the brands ourselves to find a product that is superior in quality as well as eco-friendly AND cruelty-free.

Our current favourite is the Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit liquid hand-soap from the BioBaza Homecare range. The citrus notes are bright and refreshing, perfect for summer days!

Swapping plastic packaging in small quantities to bulk buying and reusing glass jars

Where possible, we have stopped buying containers for food storage and leftovers. Instead we are buying food in glass jars wherever possible, cleaning these jars when the food in them has been eaten and reusing them over and over again! Reusable glass jars are also great for storing any treasures that the kids bring back from their adventures, like special stones, leaves or pinecones.

We have also swapped out buying certain items in small amounts with lots of plastic packaging to buying what we can in bulk and refiling old packaging to be reused. Things like the shampoo, body wash and conditioner that we use on the boat are all bought in bulk and the smaller bottles that we use daily are refilled before each sailing holiday. The same goes for products like sunflower oil, dishwashing detergent, hand soap, and many other items that I use regularly in the galley.

These are the main FIVE swaps that we have made on the boats to lessen the environmental impact that each trip has on the local environment. We have made other changes to the way we operate day-to-day, including practicing fuel conservation (should be second nature on a sailing boat, right?!), sourcing as much of our galley items as possible from local suppliers and making whatever we can from scratch. Many people often forget that there are hidden additives and preservatives hidden in many foods that we purchase. Not only are these less than ideal for our bodies, they also aren’t very good for the sea and sea-life!

It is these little details, that when all added up, can make a huge difference. As said by Anne Marie Bonneau,

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

We would love to hear what environmentally-friendly swaps you have made. It is always great to hear new ideas, tips and tricks!

digital nomad sailing Croatia

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