Exceptional Service

We go beyond the ordinary, which translates to impeccable attention to detail from the moment you step onboard.

“ We really loved the way it was paced. Every day there was some sailing and some motoring. There’s a beautiful breakfast and beautiful lunch. We pull up to a new island, a new port every day and have a great dinner at a different spot including places with these gorgeous views all right on the water. The whole thing has been a little bit special. Magic! ”

– Taki Moore (Australia)

Complete Flexibility

We have no set itineraries which means together with Nick and Mahina your onboard specialists, you build your adventure day by day.

“This week has been really catered to the needs of our family. We had the ability to chop and change our plans depending on how we were feeling or what we had experienced the day before, that we might want a little bit more of tomorrow”

Katie Inglis (Australia)

luxury floating hotel Croatia

Total Relaxation

We want your week on board to be stress-free and effortless, as you unpack, relax, and take in the beauty surrounding you.

“This whole trip is just a magical trip. You guys were phenomenal hosts. You made it so easy for us. We were able to have this entire experience without having to stress. Without having to come up with the restaurants and the itinerary. Without having to come up with childcare and having two extra adults to take care of our three kids!”

– Katherine & David Liola (USA)

Strong Local Ties

Building and maintaining relationships all year round means locals will welcome you, our guests, like part of the family.

“45D have these amazingly strong relationships with many different people in the villages and that meant we got to know some of the families in the villages. It’s really cool”

– Darren Lamp (Australia)

Access to Hidden Gems

We love to find hidden nooks and crannies to share with you, and will take you to places you won’t find on a Lonely Planet forum or Tripadvisor.

“My favorite moment, hands down was this place called Spot X. Accessible only by foot or by boat, it was just one of those magical places that could only have been found by people who care, build relationships with the locals and really get to know the island and what’s actually available”

– Claire Cope (Australia)

We Are Sailing Professionals

45Degrees Sailing was born in the winds of Wellington, New Zealand, preparing us for anything the seas off Croatia can throw at us.

“Nick was really able to instil that love of sailing that he has, in me to the point where it’s something that I really want to pursue when I’m back home. We’re already looking forward to our next trip.”

– Claire Cope (Australia)

Ultimate Privacy

Having only six guests (family or friends) on board at your invitation, guarantees you enjoy the ultimate in private, personalized family travel.

“The moment we left Split, I was in my happy place, and we never looked back. Everyone in the family had the most amazing time and we’ve got memories that we will hang on to forever. Anyone can do this and you’ll have the best time ever.l”

– Taki Moore (Australia)

Ethical Travel

A strong sense of responsibility drives us to ensure your experience has a positive impact on the local community and minimal impact on the ocean and coastline.

“Croatia is a special place to visit and these guys know all the best places to go – from hidden wine cellars in the rocks, to historic submarine caves and of course the best local restaurants with delicious food. Plus we were also able to source the best local produce (wine, truffles) to take back home”

– Erin Maxwell (Australia)

A Unique Experience

Stunning scenery, incredibly personal service and premium accommodation combine to make 45 Degrees Exclusive Guided Sailing Tours the choice for your next family holiday.

“I’ve been on holidays for over a year when you add up all the weeks that I’ve done and this has to be the best week I’ve ever done on a holiday. 45 Degrees Sailing just creates the most amazing experience”

– Natasha Althoff-Kelley (Australia)