No doubt, you will have seen and heard about Croatia from multiple travel websites and newspaper articles. Maybe even you have friends who have visited and raved about Croatia. The rich diversity of sights and attractions as well as the deep culture of this country has made Croatia a much sought after travel destination, offering tremendous features and endless wonders that attract travellers from all walks of life.

The Adriatic Sea

Described as The Mediterranean as It Once Was, the Adriatic Sea is a God given summer pool. Sailing on the Adriatic Sea is all about spectacular swimming with gorgeous hidden spots, picturesque pebbled or rocky stone beaches lapped by crystal clear water.

Most of the time in summer the Adriatic sea is calm and tranquil. In addition, the coastline is reportedly one of the cleanest in the world, remaining relatively unspoiled. With almost 2,000 km of coastline it is nothing short of stunning, with countless, breathtaking views!

“The Atlantic and the Pacific are seas of distance, the Mediterranean a sea of propinquity, the Adriatic a sea of intimacy.” – Predrag Matvejević (Croatian Writer)

Land of Islands

premium tour DalmatiaKnown as “the land of 1000 islands”, Croatia’s 1244 islands add to the majestic coastline with islands, islets, sea cliffs, and ridges, remaining one of the biggest draw cards for many visitors. Each offer a different experience. Each tell its own story and legends. Each have their own traditions and customs. And exploring the islands on a sailing boat mean that you don’t have to limit yourself to one village or one island. You can sample a few of them in one week!

Endless History

If you’re looking for history, you will find plenty of that in Croatia, with more than three thousand years of history just waiting to be discovered.. Wherever you look, the past is never very far away.

Throughout many of the old cities and villages scattered around the countryside and on the islands, you will find winding stone streets that date back to the medieval ages, inspiring churches and monasteries, lighthouses, castles with moats, stone homes and rustic farms. It is a county which will stun you with its heritage, culture, and traditions

Life as It Once Was

Life for most who live locally is so safe that tourists leave with envy, not just for the beauty of the country, more for the  old fashioned kind of safety that  it offers. Kids play freely on the streets throughout the day and night.

Villages are small and tight-knit, with the traditional Croatian security system (the networks of old ladies who watch avidly everything that happens in their corner of the world!) still very reliable and trust-worthy. Many of our guests have commented on the community spirit that they observe here in Croatia, and how it sometimes seems that they have gone back in time.

Time Honoured Traditions

One of the most amazing things about Croatia is the sheer diversity of culture in all its regions, with its customs, costumes and village traditions. The island population remains engaged in fishing and cultivating olives, vines, figs and almonds, often supplying much of the mainland, although mostly to keep their family and friends well stocked for the year. The fish is fresh. If you get up early enough, you can even buy it directly from the fisherman. Croatia has a lot to teach the modern world, if the modern world wants to listen, with almost every village having their own traditions which makes each community unique in its own special way.

One of Europe’s Tastiest

Croatia’s up and coming profile as a producer of high quality olive oil, truffles, kai moana (seafood for any non-Kiwi’s out there!) and wine means that it is a must visit for any foodie who values wholesome hearty locally sourced fare. The diversity in regions means you will be able to experience different specialties all over the country.

Seafood is the star on the Dalmatian islands. The islanders take immense pride in the seafood that they serve and the fish is often caught by the restaurant themselves or local fishermen who are well known in the area.

In contrast, the unique taste and texture of Croatia’s cured meats and cheeses are thanks to the cold bura winds which sweep down the Dalmatian coast and dries the ham and contributes to the strong taste of their cheeses.

‘Ispod peke’, or ‘under the bell’ (more commonly known as ‘peka’), is something you need to try at least once when in Croatia. Imagine, melt-in-your-mouth-tender meat (lamb, veal, or octopus) that falls off the bone, vegetables cooked in the juices and a wonderful meld of heart warming flavours.

And we all know that half the fun of good food is washing it down with something equally as tasty! And the options are nearly endless. Starting with local rakija! Whether your tastes be savoury and punchy, there is a rakija out there for you. And the wines, from the refreshingly light and summery Bogdanuša, to the deep dark strong Plavac Mali, every island, region and family produces their own wines.

All this and more awaits you in Croatia.

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