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There is a saying that goes, “Sometimes it is better to travel than to arrive”. This saying really reminds me of our sailing holidays, because so much of sailing is about the journey and not necessarily the destination. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the destinations that we take you to each night are fabulous. Quaint little island villages, lots of family-run restaurants and tonnes of history to explore. Often when you are on holiday, the traveling between places is simply a logistical detail, a chunk of time wasted in transit.

premium tour DalmatiaNot on a sailing boat. Not on the Adriatic Sea! When we are planning your customized itinerary, we are taking into consideration the weather, what your family enjoys, where we can stop along the way and what route would be the most scenic. Seeing the Croatian islands from the vantage point of a yacht is truly breathtaking.  You get to see the vineyards growing on the steep slopes of Hvar island, the quaint stone cottages built for the field workers to lunch in as they worked in the olive groves or vineyards and the gun placements, look outs and submarine silos left over from the war… Just to mention a few! These things are very hard to access on land but common place sights from the boat!

Timing is also something to think about. Because you have Nick and I as crew, we can (and do!) get up stupidly early to prepare the boat and leave the dock to take you out to have breakfast in a gorgeous secluded island location. So you travel without even having to get out of bed! On the days when we do have sea miles to cover to get to our next location, we make sure to plan the day around plenty of swim stops, a breathtaking lunch stop and anything else in the area that we think your family will enjoy seeing. We love to mix things up a bit when we are under way, whether it be getting the kids involved in the sailing or creating awesome dance playlists to party to in the cockpit! OR many families have found mid-afternoon travel time to be the perfect time to lay down their heads and enjoy an afternoon nap.

When you are the only family onboard the boat, our timing revolves around you. If your family are early risers, then we can make sure that we are all ready for some early morning fun. If you prefer to sleep in, then we can totally work around that as well. We have plenty of great energetic activities for the more sporty and adventurous among us. We have some fabulous wining and dining spots for the foodies. We even have certain spots where BOTH kinds of activities exist side by side, so we can please everyone!  The flexibility that being on a sailing yacht affords really helps you to wind down, destress and creates a very chilled out atmosphere, perfect for a REAL holiday.

The Croatian islands are vast. With almost 1,200 islands in total, you will definitely NOT be able to cover them all in one sailing holiday! Even just trying to hit all of the popular touristy island spots will involve a lot of travel and not much relaxation. Our philosophy in this matter is always, “Quality over quantity”.  We focus on making sure that the places we take you are going to get a WOW reaction. In the afternoon, you could be diving off the boat and snorkelling in the warm crystal clear sea, and then after lunch on board you can change pace, exploring idyllic coves and bays, maybe even taking the kids to visit a castle, a lighthouse or a cave that can only be accessed from the sea.

All this and more awaits you in Croatia.

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