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Heading out for a day on the Adriatic in winter is mesmerising. Gone is all of the congestion and traffic of the summer. There are an abundance of stunning views to take in, of the sea stretching out in front of you in all of its’ deep blue glory, of the islands lining the horizon and the crazy colours of the sun as it moves across the sky, of Split as you return at the end of the day, often bathed in the warm colours of the setting sun. Here at 45 Degrees Sailing, we have been offering Day Sails based on demand for three years now and getting to share and see this part of Croatia once the majority of the crowds have gone home is still a thrill for us. And it is VERY different from being out on a sailing yacht  in the summer. How so?! And what other details do you need to know BEFORE stepping on-board?!

One of the biggest and most obvious differences is the weather. Gone are the sweaty, heavy temperatures of August, so you definitely need more than summer’s bikini and cover-up! We tell all of our Day Sail clients to bring layers. And we definitely mean that in the most plural sense of the word! Sometimes you may be blessed with brilliant sunshine and, coupled with learning how to grind that sail in, stripping down to a t-shirt in December or February is not unheard of. However, even on a brilliantly sunny day, if the sun hides behind the clouds, the wind picks up or 4pm starts to creep closer, you will find that extra clothes are definitely necessary. And you might also get a bit of rain. And so layers are always recommended. Bring more layers than you think you will need. Don’t be afraid to turn up to the boat looking like you brought your whole wardrobe PLUS a raincoat. And rest assured that we also do our best have on-board extra layers to make sure that being cold doesn’t encroach upon your Day-Sailing fun.

Weather is also a moving target. Weather systems that develop in the days prior to your Day Sail can give an indication of what the day of will be like, but there are no guarantees that the sun will shine. The up side to overcast days is that there they create a higher likelihood of wind great for sailing, so if you’re up for an interactive, hands-on experience, then cloudy days are the best!

Shoes are also a question that we often get asked about. Because of course, it is a little too chilly for most to be skipping about barefoot! And any non-marking footwear is totally ok. Just keep in mind that your feet *may* get wet, depending on how enthusiastically you get involved with the sailing.

As with all of our trips and tours, we do not have a fixed itinerary on our Day Sails. We are truly at the mercy of the weather gods and we embrace this aspect of the Adriatic. We work hard to find a happy medium between where the wind wants to take us and what will make the experience memorable and exciting for all on-board. We make sure that everyone on-board are safe at all times, even when we are heeling over and flying along!

Lunch is provided and catered for on the boat, as is water (both still and sparkling), tea and coffee. Staying hydrated is still very important in the coldermonths, and a hot drink is often a lovely respite from the brisk air in the cockpit! Lunch will be comprised of one hot, cooked, vegetarian dish, one cold vegetarian dish and plenty of sides such as local cured meats, cheeses, finger foods and other charcuterie style items. We also provide snacks during the day, so if you feel peckish at any time, please feel free to ask what we have tucked away in the galley. We pride ourselves on locally produced, hearty (often home made from scratch!) food. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, just let us know and we will be happy to ensure that you are catered for.

And of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own drinks, including alcohol, and snacks. We always have plenty of room in the galley and fridges to store your items. So if you would like that glass of bubbly with lunch, feel free to bring it with you!

A day spent out sailing on the Adriatic Sea is a fabulous way to spend a day during Autumn or even Winter. The silver lining of coming to this gorgeous part of the world outside of the regular summer tourist season is that it feels like you get the whole Adriatic to yourself.

Join us on a Winter Day Sail to truly experience the 360 degree gorgeous views that the Adriatic has to offer.

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