Experience the many wonderful things Croatia has to offer aboard your very own luxury floating hotel.

premium tour Dalmatia

Everchanging Views

Imagine taking in the natural wonders of the Adriatic from the comfort of a plush yacht and enjoying ever-changing vistas, from mainland mountains to secluded island beaches. From your vessel, every destination you visit takes on its most impressive form.

Limitless Choices

Sailing gives you and your family a freedom and fl exibility that can never be achieved on land. Want to stay an extra day at a location? No problem. There is no need to worry about extra hotel charges, parking fees or rental cars.

luxury floating hotel Croatia
luxury floating hotel Croatia

Get Away For Real

The privacy offered during your journey allows you to completely disconnect from stress, crowds and everyday pressures. Life fl ows to the rhythm of the tide and is interspersed with magical moments of surprise and delight.

Freedom To Enjoy

Your tailor-made tour means seeing the Adriatic exactly how you want to see it. You are free to enjoy things your way: by visiting or exploring hidden bays and beaches, paddle boarding, setting sail or simply relaxing on deck with a book.

Unpack Once

While the amazing views outside your hatch change every day, you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking, or checking in and out. Unpack once and let the world come to you, as amazing destinations appear at your doorstep.

luxury floating hotel Croatia

At The Helm

There is really nothing like the feeling of becoming the master of your own boat. It’s a truly priceless sense of pride and achievement. All guests— toddlers, grandparents, even great-grandparents can learn to sail!

luxury floating hotel Croatia

Less Stress

We’re truly at your service for every stage of your adventure. You don’t have to worry about meals, cleaning, itinerary planning or even putting the kids to bed. Just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Explore and Discover

Secluded corners of the Adriatic are waiting to be explored. For those with a sense of adventure and curiosity, there is so much to see.

A Unique Experience

Stunning scenery, incredibly personal service, tailored itineraries and premium accommodation all combine to provide you with a truly unique, premium experience.