Founders Nick and Mahina Started 45 Degrees Sailing to provide adventurers with a premium, unforgettable experience that combines luxury, thrills, food, and culture.

Guided Sailing Croatia

Nick and Mahina

Raised in a small town in in-land New Zealand, Nick always felt the sea calling his name. In true blue Kiwi style, he proceeded to teach himself how to sail when he was just 19 years old. After investing in a 26-foot trailer yacht with his father, he began teaching sailing at the RPNYC Sailing Academy in Wellington.

This seaside city provided the perfect environment for Nick to hone his skills, instilling in him a love of strong southerly winds and the heel (angle) that comes with the confidence to push a sailing boat in that kind of weather.

In contrast, Lake Taupo native Mahina was never really into sports, adventure, and anything outdoorsy growing up. Taking care of differently-abled children since high school, she chose to forego university and live in the south of France as an au pair, a role which combined her love of children with her love of travel.

Unforgettable Sailing Experience

After their paths first crossed in 2006, Mahina quickly recognised Nick’s passion for sailing and slowly developed a love of being on the water herself. Working in the Caribbean aboard mono-hulls and catamarans proved to be one of life’s turning points for the couple. Following their passion for the sea ultimately led them to Croatia where they immediately fell in love with the cruising potential of the Dalmatian islands, the amazing weather in the region, and the characteristic winds of the Adriatic.

Today, Nick and Mahina spend their days sharing the area’s breathtaking views, amazing cuisine, and unique culture with anyone looking for adventure like no other aboard their million-dollar vessel.