Why choose 45D?
Hear it from our guests!

7-14 June 2019 – David and Katherine Liola
We were incredibly lucky to have David and Katherine on board with their three beautiful children (two, four and six years old) in June 2019. Watch what they had to say about their experience with 45 Degrees Sailing.

22-19 September 2018 – Clare and Owen Cope
Sometimes you meet people and everything just clicks! For us at 45 Degrees Sailing, Clare and Owen were like this. We had such an amazing week with them and were very excited to be having them back again in 2019. Watch this recount of their experience and why they booked with 45D a second time!

29-31 August 2018 – David and Marina: Learn to Sail
David and Marina met us at our coffee spot of choice in Old Town, Split – a favourite we both shared! David recognised Nick from his vlogs and yacht reviews and approached him, exclaiming loudly (in disbelief!) that the guy he had just been watching on YouTube was right in front of him at his local coffee shop! The rest is history, a sailing trip was booked and friendships were formed! Listen to what these two Croatians (and Split locals) had to say about their experience with 45 Degrees Sailing.

16-23 June 2018 – Belle: Sun Sail Climb
“What an amazing crew!” Belle summed it up brilliantly. Thank you to our whole crew on the first ever Sun Sail Climb tour in 2018! Watch and listen to Belle’s review of her week aboard with 45 Degrees Sailing.

26 February 2018 – Matt Moyers: Split Day Sail
Matt joined us for a Split Day Sail early in 2018 on a Hanse 505.  We had perfect sailing conditions that day! He couldn’t stop smiling!

23-30 September 2017 – Taki Moore
Due to a late scheduling issue with another holiday, Taki and Kiri-Maree Moore and their kids ended up in Croatia with 45 Degrees Sailing. Listen to Taki’s recount of their week on the yacht with us. Check it out: they booked their next holiday with two week 45D trip for 2018 before they even got to the airport!

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